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Impact & Learning provide services that covers the entire cycle of your project. We help you collect, manage and generate insights for your project.

Survey design and data collection

Impact & Learning uses last advances in digital data collection to collect the data you need. We have extensive experience in collecting household data, samples collection, use of sensors or leveraging additional sources of data (remotely sensed images, public domain datasets)....

Digital Monitoring

Digital monitoring, tailored to your needs. Starting with project-based indicators and matrices of results, Impact & Learning help project
leaders design and take advantage of an insightful tracking system. We bring Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) to the 21st century using
digital data collection, automation, analytics and machine learning.
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Data collection

Design of survey instruments for monitoring project outputs

Database management

We establish server infrastructures and manage database access

Impact Evaluation

We help organizations to demonstrate the value of what they do, deliver better outcomes for development and improvements into future programming. Born from academic research, we have extensive knowledge of impact evaluation methods, adapted to a wide range of topics. Our evaluation and impact assessment services focus on: Agricultural development projects – climate change adaptation – insurance – social safety
nets – Education – Health, Nutrition – Poverty assessment –
poverty and welfare.

Digital Monitoring

Data collection

Database management

Dashboard and reporting

Analytics & Machine Learning

and reporting
Analytics and
Machine Learning

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